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Oils and Butter: What is Safe and Beneficial?

Updated: Feb 6, 2021

Reading labels and counting calories is not going to be a focus in this journey.

However, I started by educating myself about what was safe and what was not safe to be a part of my diet.

Using less oil in our meals is preferable, but sometimes I add a little for sautéing or for better oil soluble vitamin absorption or just because I want to. I also make fries. So I threw out all my canola oil and switched to extra virgin oils which were the least processed oils on the market (olive

and coconut, palm oil and avocado). Olive and coconut are more affordable. Although they cost a bit more, the $2 to $5 saved is really negligible in the long run considering the health benefits gained and honestly we waste or misplace more money than that here and there anyway - check your couch.

I immediately noticed that my meals where more tasty and flavorful.

Margarine is just too unnatural and extensively processed and therefore was no longer an option for my body. With regards to butter, I initially switched to organic butter. But with the current state of agrobusiness and animal over breeding, I cut that out too.

The extra virgin oils have proven to be sufficient in my recipes and easy to adopt into new recipes that formally needed butter.

The mind set that I began to develop is to always take a closer look at what I am dumping into my body. If it's a pseudo-food or fake food, then I should avoid it or suffer the consequences of chronic food poisoning.

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