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Organic Vegetables

My Story

A Pharmacist. A Mom.
A Professional Health Coach.

The 2020 shutdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic created a weight gain explosion in my family and in most families across the globe. I, like other parents, found myself getting to know my children better. I could now see that my children had quite an unhealthy eating habit and diet compared to mine.

Empowered by my guilt, I took the long overdue initiative to teach my children how to eat better. Avoiding a lifetime of obesity, body image issues, and comorbidities was worth the effort. In my quest to better our diet, I added more vegetables to our meals and I also removed meat from our meals just for the time being.  After one week, to our greatest surprise, the children had completely stopped snacking. AMAZING! They were no longer hungry in between meals. For anyone with elementary school aged children, this is monumental!  That week, I gave away all my meat and dairy products and have not looked back ever since.

We are healthy, we are happy, and we are no longer hungry. My daughter, who was more prone to putting on weight, slimmed down while still growing taller and stronger. I, usually on the underweight side, finally gained some much needed weight, strength, and stamina to chase my now super energized 5 year old boy.

I am glad that I finally took the initiative to educate my children about healthy eating because it is my duty to equip them for success in all areas of their lives.

I have created simple recipes that have proven invaluable. As I create more recipes, I will share them. These recipes are delicious, healthy, kid tested and approved. Even my 5 year old loves his vegetables (especially if he cannot see most of them).

Finally, as a licensed Pharmacist, I am able to approach health issues from a  highly knowledgeable and very critical stand point. I steer away from fads that will pose harm to the consumer.

You too can enjoy the same success that I am enjoying.

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