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Can I book an Intake Session?

At this time, we are not holding sessions. This website provides free consultations from a Registered Pharmacist. Contact Us.

What are your fees?

We provide consultations at no cost by a Registered Pharmacist as a FREE service to the community. Contact Us.

What can I do with the money I am saving from this free service?

Since you are saving money by using this free service, re-invest the funds. Spend it on yourself.

  • Now you can afford more quality organic foods.

  • Now you can buy exercise equipment and clothes for your new and improved body.

  • Now you can afford some good quality vitamins.

Now you can Live a better life. 

Contact us.

Do you offer coaching?

Coaching is a private sessions dedicated to an individual. It is tailored to resolve the unique challenges that that client is struggling with. It hones in on the client's strength and skills to jumpstarts and propel the client to their goal. 
Coaching with will use your current skill, food taste and cuisine preferences to get you to your heath, wellness, and weight goal.
If you need more help to reach your goal, you won personal cheerleader who also happens to be a doctor in her field, Sign up Today

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