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Let's Talk Carbs: Rethinking the No-Carbs Craze

Carbs, Carbs, Carbohydrates!

Everywhere you look, fad diets are cutting down or eliminating carbs. But somehow, we as a species just cannot sustain these low carb diets and achieve the promised healthier body the long term. We blame carbs for weight gain, diabetes, depression, overall mortality, all the fun stuff, right? Carbs are everywhere, in roots, grains, vegetables, fruits, nuts, everywhere. There is a reason for this abundance of carbohydrates in the foods that sustain us. But we forget that when our

muscles need energy, it's carbs that power us. So, I had to learn to change my perception of carbs and dieting all together. I noticed that my children started eating much less after our switch to a vegan diet, specifically a whole-plant based diet. An example of this diet entails simply eating whole corn kennels versus cornflakes. We strived to eat the whole vegetable versus it's processed alternative. Know that no matter how much the manufacturer claims to have fortified the processed alternative, it will never be equivalent to the benefits derived from its naturally occurring counterpart.

Our family meals covered us for more hours and eliminated the need for snacks in between meals. So, that meant that overall, we ate much less carbs throughout the day on the new diet than we did with our previous fusion American/African diet. Therefore, it would be pointless to focus on counting carbs that we are no longer overeating.

In summary, the ageless struggle with carbs ends when you adopt a whole-plant based diet. With this new mentality of daily achieving a whole-plant based diet, the consumer is full, satisfied, and in need of fewer doses of carbs during the day.

So, stop cutting carbs off and eat your carbs. With your new, healthier, and stronger body, you will be grateful for the carbs that power your muscles to pursue new and exciting adventures that are now possible.

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