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The Protein Myth surrounding the Whole Plant Diet

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

So, where do you get your protein from? Is the million dollar question. The answer is so simple: Protein is in everything. Some plants may have more or less than others, but they all are a source of our protein building blocks called amino acids. The human body will create the protein that is needs using the amino acids supplied by your diet. Many follow the thought process that animal meat supplies a more complete source of protein for humans. Does this not imply that eating other humans would provide the best and complete protein? But we strongly disagree with going down that route.

So, ask yourself, where do large, muscular, and strong herbivores such as cows, horses, elephants, and dinosaurs get their protein?

I chose to abstain from animal sources of protein for personal, health, hygiene, and global environmental reasons. Personal: I believe in 'live and let live'. It wouldn't be fair for a lion to breed or hunt me and my family down for food. Why should I do it to another species? I am not more superior than they are, just different. Health: Animal meat is difficult to digest. Also, whatever toxins that animal has been exposed to will be transferred into me when I eat it. False positive protein in urine due to excessive protein intake can lead to erroneous diagnosis of kidney disease. Hygiene: Cleaning meat is pain stacking and there is always a risk of contamination due poor farming conditions, poor cleaning at the blucher's, poor cleaning at home, contamination of other foods and surfaces in the home, and infections due to undercooking. Global environmental: Various governments subsidize their meat industry leading to lower cost of meat production and lower cost of meat for consumers. This widespread accessibility has lead to an increased demand for meat and an explosion in meat production. Now we grow more food just to feed the animals and need more open land for grazing. There is wide scale deforestation, pollution, and disequilibrium of various ecosystems. This ultimately in contributing significantly to global warming.

The need to eat generous quantities of protein is a recent trend that has gone out of control. As a vegan, I am not protein deficient at all. I am more muscular that most women my age. My children have become stronger and no longer hungry in-between meal. More career athletes are switching to veganism as they notice that a vegan diet sustains them more and they do not have trouble building or maintaining muscle mass while enjoying shorter recovery times.

If you are still seeking out major sources of protein, go the safe route. The following plants have higher protein contents than others: beans, lentils, peas, green leafy vegetables (spinach, collard greens), even potatoes and so many more. So, by eating a higher proportion of whole plants in your diet, you will have enough protein to sustain a healthy body, without the adverse effects of animal sourced proteins.

Protein is practically in every whole plant. There is no need to worry about if you are getting enough. Just relax and Bon Appetit.

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